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zarin taslima
Jul 18, 2022
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After reading how wine exerts its influence in China, how does Taiwan's wine culture develop? In the third theme, "Original Taste - Exploring the Original Vision", it is explained that wine plays a key role in the sacrificial festivals of indigenous peoples. It is the most rigorous gift on a specific occasion, and it is also the most sincere blessing. The traditional wine-making method of the aborigines "chewing rice to make wine" was also introduced at the scene, and several wine relics collected in the museum of the Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica were displayed. In sacrifices or banquets, two banner design people drink together to symbolize mutual affection. However, Taiwan is located at the intersection between Japan, China and Southeast Asia. It is a relay station for the three-way cross-border trade. Historically, it has been ruled and managed by the Dutch, the Chinese, and the Japanese successively. These businessmen from different regions and countries or It is because the rulers must have different preferences for wine and wine vessels. Not only Japanese Imari porcelain, but also a celadon human-shaped note from the Goryeo Dynasty, made between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, was on display. With a basket of peaches, it looks cute, and it is very attractive to use as a wine vessel at a banquet.Photo Credit: provided by Lan Cang 12th-13th century, Goryeo celadon figurines In addition, a pair of Anping pots from the 17th century on display are a kind of coarse porcelain pots fired in Fujian, China. They are commonly found in shipwrecks or archaeological sites in East Asian waters. It can be seen that they were widely used utensils at that time. Through a large number of excavations from Tainan and records in Dutch documents, although there are different opinions about the use of the Anping pot, it can be roughly speculated that the Anping pot should contain three-distilled rice wine: Sanshoujiu, which shows the prosperity of cross-border trade at that time. At the same time, it also witnessed the important position of Taiwan in the trade network connecting Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia.
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zarin taslima

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